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About Us

Who are we?

we are BOOKFLIPS.in a company based out in INDIA , an online aggregator "PLATFORM" which allows you to resell / buy used books

What do we do?

we are on a mission to stop deforestation by reducing the use of paper. In INDIA 17 trees are been cut to make 1 ton paper out of it. Every year 4 billion trees are cut down to make paper out of it

How will we do it?

With the help of you we will try to recycle the books and reduce the consumption of paper. According to our sources a book can be recycled at 4-5 times so why do we need new ones you can recycle them with "BOOKFLIPS.in" #MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS average weight of NCERT (11th+12th)= 6kg if we flip the books of 167 students then we saved 17trees 167*6=1002kg indirectly you and we are giving the contribution to save the nation by deforestation by this "WE WILL HAVE GREENER INDIAN, HAPPY INDIA"

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